African Mango Slim
African Mango Slim

* Results May Vary

For best results, use African Mango Slim in conjunction with a sensible eating and exercise program.

Scientists Find a Great Metabolic Booster
in the Jungles of Africa

African mango (Irvingia Gabonensis) - a delicious fruit, similar to common mangoes, has been enjoyed by people in the rain forests of Cameroon, West Africa, for centuries. Indeed, among the indigenous bush tribesmen and women, African Mango’s reputation as a natural stimulant and appetite suppressant is well known.

While the African mango fruit is itself rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene (both excellent antioxidants) and soluble fibre, that wasn't what started to get the diet supplements world buzzing or ready to hop aboard the mango bandwagon. Ironically, the metabolic secret in this sweet fruit was concentrated in the part that most Westerners wouldn't even eat... the seeds!

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Clinical Study Proves Effectiveness of African Mango

Dr Kurzweil Clinical findings showing weightloss from the use of African Mango

Dr. Kurzweil soon learned that the fat - and protein-rich African Mango seeds - also known as ogbono, etima, odika, or dika nuts – contained key substances vital in speeding up the body's metabolism. She tried a special extract made from the seeds and lost "Two stubborn kilograms, faster that I thought possible"*

*Results May Vary

But the real question remained unanswered: how well would African Mango seed perform in a controlled scientific study?

To-date, there have been several studies on the African Fruit. A leading study conducted by the University of Yaounde, and sponsored by the Gateway Health Alliance1 found that Significant improvements in body weight, body fat, and waist circumference as well as plasma, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood glucose, C-reactive protein, adiponectin, and leptin levels were all observed in the African Mango test group compared with the placebo group.

African Mango Seed extract should be of interest to
health-conscious dieters everywhere for its significant effect on raising the body's metabolism. It's like gaining the kilojoule-burning benefit of a brisk workout - without the workout!"

- Dr. Alice Kurzweil,
Research Director,
J.W. Labs

"Significantly reduced body weight and improved metabolic parameters in overweight humans..."
(ref. LLNB March, 2009). Additional study details...

In the 2009 clinical study, published in Lipids in Health and Disease1d, scientists at Cameroon's University of Yaounde researched the effects of African Mango seeds on a group of 102 overweight adults. Half of the volunteers were given 150 mg of African Mango seed extract twice daily. The other half received a placebo.

Both groups took the African Mango Seed extract for 10 weeks. To reduce outside factors within the study, researchers urged participants to maintain their normal pre-test diet and exercise habits, and not to increase exercise or change how they eat.

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The documented findings of the 10-week study state that African Mango seed "significantly reduces body weight and improves metabolic parameters in overweight humans in a randomized double-blind placebo controlled investigation." Specifically, the controlled African Mango group lost an average of roughly 12.7 kg compared to the placebo group. Also, the African Mango group appeared healthier as evidenced by a significant decrease in cholesterol and blood sugar balance.

Results will vary from person to person, but studies show African Mango may truly help in the battle against fat and obesity – as well as improve cholesterol and blood sugar health.

Meanwhile, the placebo group showed an average loss of only 1.3 kg, and no significant improvements in cholesterol or blood sugar!

African Mango Slim

A fantastic metabolism and weight-loss aid

News of the study spread like wildfire. And on September 23, 2010, Oprah's favourite doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz (a renowned expert in combining alternative therapies with conventional medical treatments) mentioned the study and recommended African Mango Seed Extract as a metabolism and weight-loss aid on The Oprah Winfrey Show. (Note: Neither Oprah Winfrey nor Dr. Oz has sponsored or endorsed a particular African Mango product.)

This new metabolic enhancer forms the foundation of an advanced nutraceutical product created by Dr. Alice Kurzweil called African Mango Slim.

For best results, use African Mango Slim in conjunction with a sensible eating and exercise program.
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Synergistic, Multi-Nutrient Action
Keeps Weight Loss Efforts on Track

Each serving of African Mango Slim contains 650 mg of highly purified and standardised African Mango seed extract. That is more than four times the amount used in the famous University of Yaounde study. This makes it possible for people to experience even more dramatic kilo-conquering results!

Dr. Kurzweil also included four additional nutrients that help promote more effective outcomes - and to make the weight loss process itself much less daunting.

What's more, each ingredient has been carefully selected because they work synergistically together, thus maximizing their overall benefits. Green tea, for example, is widely known to be a potent fat-burner & metabolism energiser, but when it's teamed up with African Mango seed extract - as it is in African Mango Slim - the metabolic impact is even stronger!*,3

*Results May Vary

Incidentally, African Mango Slim is one of the first metabolic formulas to team up African Mango with health-enhancing Green Tea. What's more, every nutrient in African Mango Slim is meticulously formulated under laboratory conditions for quality, potency, and optimal absorbability3.

Together, the effective fat-burning, appetite-suppressing ingredients in African Mango Slim may provide a powerful metabolic boost that could be just what older dieters need to turn back the clock to a more youthful weight. But it isn't just African Mango that helps you lose those excess kilos faster and more effectively. Every capsule of African Mango Slim also includes...

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African Mango Slim's Multi-Nutrient Metabolic Formula Delivers Extra Benefits:1a,b,c,d

Burn More Fat. African Mango speeds up the metabolism and encourages the body to begin burning its fat deposits. When its effects were studied as part of a controlled research trial, dieters lost an average of 5.6 kilograms over 28 days.1

Reduce Cholesterol. African Mango appears to significantly reduce levels of bad LDL cholesterol, while raising levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol. The seeds' high fibre content helps lower cholesterol levels by binding to bile acids and facilitating LDL cholesterol elimination.

Curb Appetite. During clinical trials, researchers found that African Mango appeared to increase the amount of time needed to digest food in the stomach. This signals your brain that you're full, thus averting hunger pangs or those empty feelings.

Better Blood Sugar Regulation. African Mango extract promotes adiponectin production, a natural hormone that helps increase your metabolism and augment fat burning. Clinical studies show that people who have low levels of adiponectin are much more likely to be obese and at risk for related health problems.

Better Leptin Control. Leptin is an essential component in breaking down fat and sending the right signals to the brain to control appetite. Unfortunately, many overweight people develop a resistance to leptin due to the inhibiting action of C-reactive protein. African Mango may lower your C-reactive protein blood level, which enables leptin to work more effectively.

For best results, use African Mango Slim in conjunction with a sensible eating and exercise program.


Acai Berry

Acai Berry

proclaimed "the #1 super-fruit" by celebrity Dr. Nicholas Perricone, provides remarkable antioxidant properties, and may aid the body's fat-burning ability similar to African Mango.3b

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate

helps your body's insulin to metabolise glucose more effectively. When your insulin is functioning optimally, you can lose stored fat while building lean muscle.3c

Green Tea

Green Tea

has been enjoyed in China for thousands of years, and it is probably no coincidence that this country does not suffer from the overweight epidemic that afflicts Australia and America. In a recent study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the authors concluded: "Substances found in green tea known as catechins may trigger weight loss by stimulating the body to burn kilojoules and decreasing body fat."3a



has been widely used by athletes and bodybuilders for years for its ability to reduce muscle fatigue while building muscle and bone mass. It is also believed to be a mild mood and libido enhancer - just the "cup of coffee" your love life might need!3d

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Slimmed-down consumers give African Mango Slim Great reviews!

"I have now taken African Mango Slim for more than two months. Finally I found something which was suited for me! I am now fitting into smaller sizes, and it feels fantastic! My energy level is way up, and I just don't 'inhale' my food the way I used to. Your product just makes it so much easier to eat less and not feel starved!", HEIDI FRYE FROM BRISBANE.

"I never thought I could lose the weight (I was up to 248 lbs), but African Mango Slim really helped me drop the pounds and change my life. I've never felt better or looked better in my life!", GLEN SAGAT FROM SACRAMENTO.

"I flat out love your product! I won't say that African Mango Slim is the instant dieting fix - but it's pretty darn close! I lost two kilos within ten days and came down two dress sizes within two months. I can't tell you how many compliments I've received about the slim new me! My advice to anyone trying to diet is - run, do not walk, to get this fabulous product!" JAN UNGER FROM AUCKLAND.

*Results May Vary

For best results, use African Mango Slim in conjunction with a sensible eating and exercise program.

Boost Metabolism, Boost Energy

When you are hit from all sides by the demands of career and family, little wonder you are too tired at night to do nothing more than collapse on the sofa.

Since African Mango Slim acts as a metabolic booster, it may deliver the all-day energy you need to do your full-time job, rush the kids to football or swimming practice, and still enjoy time with your spouse, partner or friends. When you're more active, you burn more kilojoules - without even realising it.

Before you know it, your clothes fit better. Your confidence soars and you're no longer afraid to hit the surf with that fantastic new swimsuit!*

*Results May Vary

Especially Effective for the "Cooler" Metabolism of Mature Women

It's so common that it's almost a cliché - many women over 40 have an increasingly difficult time of maintaining their weight of "yesteryear." And it's not from bad eating habits or a lack of will power - it's just plain body chemistry. While experts have attributed the annual .5 -1.0 kg gain to perimenopause and menopause, they really didn't know why it was happening - until now.

A new study in Cell Metabolism reports that the dip in estrogen levels that occurs at menopause reduces activity in important estrogen receptors in the brain that control the amount of kilojoules you burn. Less estrogen makes your metabolism more sluggish - you burn about 200 fewer kilojoules per day.

Sad, but true: if you're eating and exercise levels stay the same, you will inevitably gain weight! Supplementing your diet with African Mango Slim could be just what you need to nudge your middle-aged metabolism out of the slow lane*.

*Results May Vary

Ignite Natural Fat-Burners Without the Aggravation and Deprivation

Unlike the over-amped feelings one often gets with typical weight loss supplements, African Mango Slim is safe, natural, and easy to use. It will not leave you feeling anxious, jittery, or cranky. As one happy woman user exclaimed, "Finally - a weight loss supplement without the agita!"

That's because African Mango Slim contains no harsh stimulants like caffeine, ephedra, or guarana - ingredients that just set your heart galloping like a racehorse.

Most folks report a pleasant energising effect from this new metabolism booster but African Mango Slim, taken as directed (twice daily, with meals), will never keep you up all night or chasing your tail.*

*Results May Vary

Perfect for Australia's GROWING Weight Problem

It's true. Recent research by the Western Australia public health department shows that 66% of adult Australian males are overweight or obese - as are 55% of adult females. If current trends continue, 80% of all Australian adults will be overweight or obese by 2020. Professor Paul Zimmet, Director of Melbourne's International Diabetes Institute, says that Australia's obesity - which can fairly be described as epidemic - costs up to $13 billion a year.

According to Obesity Prevention Australia, about 140 Australians die prematurely every day from obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, cardiovascular disease, and some types of cancer. No wonder so many people are concerned about their diet and their weight - but African Mango Slim could help!

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Limited Supply of African Mango Slim Now Available

JW Labs has just announced a special introductory deal for "ready to lose" dieters who would like to try African Mango Slim with absolutely no financial risk.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"We don't want our customers to lose anything but their excess flab", says Peter Niles, president of JW Labs. That's why every order is backed by the company's No-Worries Guarantee: If you haven't experienced sufficient weight loss results after using African Mango Slim for up to 90 days - or if you are not satisfied for ANY reason - simply return the bottle(s) to JW Labs for a full refund (minus shipping & processing).

"We offer our customers this iron-clad guarantee because we truly believe in the quality and efficacy of our products", Niles said. "We are confident that people will be absolutely thrilled by what African Mango Slim may do for their appearance, their energy level, and their life."*

*Results May Vary

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The Optimal One-Two Weight Loss Punch

While African Mango Slim has been exclusively formulated to boost energy and curb your appetite, when you add Clear Cleanse Pro you have the potential to accelerate your weight loss results even more!*

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With Clear Cleanse Pro, you'll flush out harmful intestinal toxins, improve your digestion, and ramp up your energy level. Many people experience significant weight loss and a cleaner, lighter feeling after their "intestinal sludge" has been flushed out. And, when you use African Mango Slim together with Clear Cleanse Pro, you may achieve maximum fat-burning performance - empowering you to achieve even more dramatic results. *

*Results May Vary

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JW Labs has announced a special introductory deal for "ready to lose" dieters who would like to try African Mango Slim with absolutely no financial risk.

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For best results, use African Mango Slim in conjunction with a sensible eating and exercise program.

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