Flat belly, wasp waist, slim thighs – a figure that you will proudly present on the pool and the beach!

1200 mg of pure African mango extract that burns fat, even from belly and thighs!

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African Mango Slim is a product in capsules, which are filled with African mango extract. This is a fruit from the Irvingia gabonensis tree species. The plant has been used for years due to its metabolism enhancing properties.

What does this boosted metabolism mean for you? The food that you are going to eat will be digested and transformed into energy. Therefore it will not deposit and your body will use the already stored fat...simultaneously burning it!

Snacking and excessive appetite? African Mango Slim will eliminate these problems as well. You will no longer want to eat sweets, chips, and drink carbonated beverages.

Get rid of fat and your XL size cloths!

African mango:

  • curbs appetite
  • makes you feel full
  • enhances metabolism
  • boosts digestion
  • positively affects cholesterol
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Why is it worth to choose our African mango?

Even 1200 mg of a pure extract within a daily serving!

Bigger dose = greater effectiveness! The recommended daily intake contains 1200 mg of pure African mango extract. Try to find a similar product that contains such a high amount of this magnificent fruit!

Each capsule contains only the extract – the product is free of any additives!

Colourants, filling agents, other additives. Definitely, there are currently too many of them in things we consume. That is why we have decided to make our product free of such substances! African Mango Slim is a pure African mango extract sealed in capsules that do not contain any colourants.

Effective and discreet

By ordering African Mango Slim in our online shop you are guaranteed to receive the original product. The one that contains exactly what you see in the list of components. What is more, we guarantee you complete discretion – no one will ever find out what you are buying. The product will be delivered directly to the address that you have provided.

Research confirms: this really works!

Many substances promise to get rid of your problems with fat. Unfortunately, only a few of them has their effectiveness confirmed by scientific research!

African mango was thoroughly tested at one of the universities. The study was conducted on 40 overweight people and lasted for 4 weeks. 28 people were taking African mango extract and the rest was using a placebo.

After 4 weeks, the results were compared in both groups. It turned out that people who were taking mango have lost 4-5 times more weight on average than people who were taking a placebo!

Another research was conducted using a different mango extract – IGOB131. 102 people were divided into 2 groups and, just like in the previous test, one group received African mango and the other a placebo. The results were similar as well, the weight loss was significantly greater with African mango.

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Find out what you can achieve with African Mango Slim!

We are proud when our customers send us feedback and show their achievements! This motivates us to keep doing what we love! See the results of others – this is the best motivation! If they did it, you can do it too!

155. This number was my obsession because this was my weight and I could not drop it down. Believe me, I have tried so many methods, mainly diets and magic ingredients such as forskolin. But everything was in vain. I thought that there is nothing that can help me. Luckily, I have found some information about African mango on the internet. There was some research explained there. It was very convincing, but I have never used similar products which had scientifically proven effectiveness.

I took African Mango every day before a meal. The first thing I saw was a curbed appetite, I no longer felt the need to eat unhealthy snacks. My metabolism was accelerated and after 2 weeks I saw that my scale showed almost 5 lbs less! That is when I have started to believe that I can do it! :D At the moment I have lost 20 lbs and I finally feel good in my own skin!

Monica, 27 years old

I have discovered African mango from an article in a newspaper. It was very interesting to me, because I was preparing for my wedding and I wanted to lose some weight. So I had browsed the internet and picked African mango slim. Why this product? Because it contains the most of the mango extract! I have added some light exercises and the results totally surprised me! After a month I have achieved my goal – 120 lbs :)

Isabel, 25 years old

After 30 I have told myself “Ok Mark, it’s high time you do something with your body!” So my first step was to go to the gym and lose some weight! I was a chubby guy and that surely was not a manly look, right? My personal trainer recommended me African Mango Slim, which was supposed to help me burn fat and eliminate my cravings for fast foods, chips, and cola (yup, my favourite snacks). You know what, it totally did! I have ordered 3 bottles (1 was free) and after 2 months I lost 29 lbs. What is more, my beer belly and fat on my face were gone :) Even my dog could not recognise me haha ;)

Mark, 32 years old

It’s not easy to lose weight at my age. Most of my neighbours are not even trying. However, my husband says I am stubborn and that I always achieve my goals. Obviously, I wanted to lose weight, despite the fact that I had been always fat. I was unable to exercise due to my poor health and stamina, so I could only watch out what I eat. My daughter bought me your african mango. I have shed 25 lbs, mostly from my thighs and belly. My family and neighbours could not believe it, they have even asked me if everything is OK with me. Well, I am feeling better than ever now!

Maria, 43 years old

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Do you have a question? Check below!

1. What is African Mango Slim?

African Mango Slim is a product in capsules that is based on African mango extract. This substance helps lose weight effectively.

2. How much African mango is in the product?

The recommended daily intake (2 capsules) contains 1200 mg of a pure African mango extract.

3. How to use African Mango Slim to get the best results?

You should take 2 capsules per day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, preferably 20-30 minutes before a meal. Wash them down with a glass of water.

4. How many capsules are there in one African Mango Slim?

One bottle contains 60 capsules, which is enough for 1 month.

5. Will anyone find out that I am using African Mango Slim?

Well, everyone will notice your new figure! :) However, when it comes to your privacy then you can be absolutely sure that it is our top priority! Your order will be packed in an ordinary box and delivered directly to you.

6. How long are the orders processed?

The orders are processed as fast as possible, usually they are sent within 24h. All parcels are delivered to you via a reputable courier company, post office, or to a parcel pick-up station.

7. Can I pay cash on delivery for African Mango Slim?

Cash on delivery is available only in selected countries. In other cases you have to pay in advance.

8. Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we deliver our products worldwide.

African mango:

  • curbs appetite
  • boosts metabolism
  • makes you feel full
  • enhances digestion
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